Thursday, December 8, 2016

Make A Powerful Statement of Support for Law Enforcement While Staying Warm and Comfortable By Wearing the New Rothco Deluxe Embroidered Thin Blue Line Watch Cap

Currently serving over 10,000 dealers globally, Rothco’s heritage is steeped in authentic military apparel and gear, specializing in serving a wide, varied selection of markets: tactical, public safety, survival and preparedness, among many others. Rothco’s dedication to steadfast service and selection has led them to develop the new Rothco Deluxe Embroidered Thin Blue Line Watch Cap: designed with comfort and protection from the elements in mind and decorated with the instantly recognizable symbol that represents the enduring spirit of law enforcement – you know what the this line means; now you have another opportunity to wear it.

Rothco Deluxe Embroidered Thin Blue Line Watch Cap

Thanks to this highly protective, heat-trapping cap, there’s no longer any need to worry about dealing with painful, biting wind slicing against your ears and head when working outdoors during the winter months. The Rotcho Deluxe Embroidered Thin Blue Line Watch Cap’s 100% acrylic-fabric construction ensures your head and ears will stay warm and comfortable, even when dealing with the most frigidly cold, inclement, winter-weather conditions. Additionally, it features an eye-appealing, embroidered, Thin Blue Line-themed flag positioned front and center on the beanie, so all will know that you support the good guys: those who risk it all to serve and protect us each and every day and night.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Traverse Difficult Terrain in Style With the New, Durable, and Comfortable Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots

Travel confidently over uneven or slippery terrain with the new SI Light Patrol Boots, meticulously constructed by Oakley with their dedication to fusing both innovation and durability while pushing past the conventional restrictions of industry standards. Utilizing cutting-edge design techniques to create a stylish blend of classic detailing and superior protection, the Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots will prove to be stalwart companion when you need them most.

Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots

The boots’ eye-catching black sheen gives them an aesthetically appealing appearance, and each has an eight-inch suede and nylon upper that offers ample, added protection. Offering solid footing thanks to their sturdy, rubber, non-slip outsoles, the Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots have injection-molded EVA midsoles with secondary, cushioning-insole boards that provide superior stress and impact resistance. You’ll be assured of a secure fit due to nylon-coated, fast-lace loops, which also prevent any abrasive scratching from occurring. Additional specs include the following:

Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots

  • each boot weighs 9.5 ounces
  • each boot measures 8-inches tall
  • each boot is equipped with a leather toe cap and heel cup

Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The New, Multi-Lumen Streamlight Strion DS HL Flashlight Is Fully Equipped to Handle All of Your Lighting-Based Needs

Streamlight prides themselves on designing, manufacturing, and marketing flashlights and lanterns with the highest levels of technology and quality – all with the best value to their customers. Law-enforcement professionals rely on their precision-engineered lighting solutions for a wide variety of everyday applications. The new Streamlight Strion DS HL flashlight is ideally suited to accommodate these applications, equipped with Streamlight’s Dual-Switch Technology that offers maximum illumination coupled with a wide beam.

Streamlight Strion DS HL

Law enforcement professionals have access to multiple lighting modes, which can be accessed through the Streamlight Strion DS HL flashlight’s push-button tail switch or head-mounted switch (both switches operate independently). Featuring C4® LED technology for extreme brightness, its TEN-TAP® programmable switch allows users to select one of three different programs, including:

  • high/medium/low with strobe (factory default)
  • high only without strobe
  • high/medium/low without strobe

This extremely versatile light offers several lighting modes that can easily adapt to any situation. The “high” setting allows it to emit a super-bright, 700-lumen beam that consists of 12,000 candelas and stretches for 219 meters, along with a running time of over an hour. Its “medium” setting is slightly less bright, as it offers a 300-lumen beam for 5,000 candelas and reaches 141 meters, but its run time is noticeably larger at over three hours. The light’s low setting has a less-intense beam at 40 lumens for 800 candelas and a 57-meter beam distance, but its run time far surpasses the previous modes at 20 hours. Additionally, a strobe feature is included that is used for disorienting or signaling your location and has a run time of two-and-a-half-hours.

Streamlight Strion DS HL

Extremely sturdy, the Streamlight Strion DS HL flashlight has a durable, anodized-aluminum construction, and its grooved barrel provides a firm, sure grip. There’s no need to worry about it rolling away: Its anti-roll head keeps it in place when you set it down. Along with optimized electronics that provide regulated intensity, its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and fully recharges in three hours. Additional specs and features include:

  • gasket-sealed, Borofloat, high-temperature glass lens
  • IPX4 water-resistant, two-meter, impact-resistant tested
  • serialized for positive identification
  • 6.33 inches long (16.08 centimeters)
  • weighs 5.4 ounces (153 grams)
  • limited lifetime warranty available

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stay Organized in Style Wherever You Go With the New Magpul DAKA Pouch

Magpul brings over a decade of experience in developing products that are imbued with creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency with an emphasis on developing devices to aid in the manipulation of rifle mags while reloading under stress. Through their relentless mission statement that is centered on development and refinement, the company has created an ideal product designed to bring organization to the dusty, dirty, and muddy world that law enforcement professionals work and play in: the new, U.S.-made Magpul DAKA Pouch.

Magpul DAKA Pouch

The Magpul DAKA Pouch is constructed of durable, reinforced, polymer-infused textiles that are welded on all seams, which creates permanent, impenetrable seals. Rely on it to handle a wide range of carrying applications: Securely store tools and use it for various lighter duties, including organizing your personal electronic accessories. In addition, this versatile pouch is an efficient way to maintain bulk storage of reloaded ammo.

Magpul DAKA Pouch

While not quite 100% waterproof, the Magpul DAKA Pouch will keep your items dry in virtually any wet, inclement-weather scenarios, which makes it an excellent, reliable traveling companion on any outdoor excursion. It features a YKK AquaGuard® water-repellent zipper and a paint-pen dot matrix debossed into its body for identification marking. Enjoy an enhanced grip that its anti-slip texture and 550 paracord with heat-shrink tubing offer, even while wearing gloves. Additional specs include:

  • multiple pouch sizes available: small: six inches by nine inches, medium: seven inches by 12 inches, large: nine inches by 13 inches
  • the pouches feature carabiner attachment points
  • available colors include: Black, Dark Earth Brown, Gray, Olive Drab Green, Orange, and Yellow

Magpul DAKA Pouch

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The New HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set Offers All the Protection and Ease-of-Movement You Need to Stay Safe

Fully committed to creating value-focused innovations in protective apparel, HWI continuously strives to improve their gear to retain its industry-leader status. Law enforcement professionals have consistently relied upon the company’s fit-for-purpose, functional designs that result in duty gear imbued with the best protection, quality, and value. New from HWI is the most effective, riot-scenario tactical gear available today that police departments around the world are sure to appreciate: the HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set.

HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set

Maximize shock absorption for ultimate protection thanks to a special-suspension, hard-shell design, and enjoy a full range of motion and enhanced mobility that the HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set offers. Comprised of a sturdy combination of thick BNI and EVA foam padding throughout the suit, its sturdy PE protective shell effectively shields against blunt-force trauma damage.

HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set

The HWI Elite Defender Full Riot Suit Set features nylon and hexagon sandwich-mesh material that is durable and easily donable with the use of a system of strong buckle straps. Ample storage is available: Its MOLLE-webbing system, which is located on its chest plate and hip guards, allows room for additional equipment to be carried or stored, and each suit is accompanied by a polyester carry bag for easy storage and transport. The kit is comprised of the following:

  • chest and arm protector
  • forearm protector
  • groin and thigh protector
  • shin protector
  • the Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove can worn with the riot suit, offering more blunt-force protection
  • note: helmet and gloves are available separately

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Enjoy the Functionality of a Duty Jacket With the Comfort of a Softshell in the Elbeco Shield Apex Crossover Jacket

Elbeco is committed to providing products that surpass the expectations and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Proudly offering over 1.5 million uniforms to over 17,000 agencies and private companies throughout North America, Elbeco prides themselves on constructing many of their top-quality products by their employees right here in the U.S. Considered to be the most versatile hybrid jacket / softshell on the market today, the Elbeco Shield Apex Crossover Jacket is a useful, trusted companion to any law enforcement officer.

Elbeco Shield Apex Crossover Jacket

Extremely warm and durable, the Elbeco Shield Apex Crossover Jacket is fully windproof and waterproof. Its innovative, breathable Hydrotech Membrane with fully sealed seams features the incredible warmth, performance, and functionality of a duty jacket coupled with the comfort of a softshell. It is designed to be worn as a stand-alone outer garment or as a mid-layer liner used in conjunction with Elbeco’s Shield Duty of Hi-Vis shells to create a three-in-one jacket system.

Weighing a comfortable 12 ounces, the Elbeco Shield Apex Crossover Jacket is constructed of a 100 percent, polyester-knit exterior with a fleece interior and a 100 percent polyester, mini-ripstop fabric overlay on its shoulder, yolk, and elbows. The jacket features six pocket-storage options, including large, lower, dual-entry pockets with a fleece-lined, hand-warmer pocket; dual, large, internal-patch pockets with zipper closures and communications-access openings; and dual, internal, concealed-carry utility chest pockets with magnetic closures. Some additional specs include:

  • quick-release, side-zipper vents with a stability tab and adjustable snaps
  • tricot-lined sleeves for easy removal
  • sleeves are designed with articulate elbows and adjustable cuffs with hook-and-look closures
  • length: 26 inches (regular)
  • jacket is machine-washable
  • accepts embroidery and silkscreening

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Enjoy Top Optical Clarity and Extreme Comfort While Wearing the New Oakley Quarter Jacket

Bolstered by an infrastructure that utilizes the latest tools of technology, Oakley embraces a design philosophy called “sculpted physics”, which involves solving problems with science and enveloping the solutions to them in aesthetically pleasing creations. This unique philosophy is applied to all their innovative products, allowing them to look beyond and surpass conventional industry standards. The new Oakley Quarter Jacket is a prime example of the company’s commitment to pioneering excellence, as it blends the convenience of an interchangeable lens design with the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics®. Here’s how:

Oakley Quarter Jacket

Specially engineered for youth faces and combining a durable, lightweight frame with an aggressive approach to performance, the Oakley Quarter Jacket features accessory lens tints that adapt the user’s vision for the chosen activity, while utilizing the sure grip of Unobtainium® components. Its durable, lightweight frame can easily maintain its position on the face, thereby maximizing both comfort and efficiency.

Equipped with Oakley’s High Definition Optics®, it easily meets or exceeds the rigorous testing standards of the American National Standards Institute for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance. Its Black Iridium Lenses have a neutral, gray base with a mirrored finish and are recommended for running and other daily activities. They are ideal for preventing bright light from hindering you, as they possesses a 10% light-transmission factor, thereby eliminating 90% of ambient light and blocking 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light. Additional specs include:

  • lens width: 61 millimeters
  • bridge width: 11 millimeters
  • lens height: 36 millimeters
  • temple arm length: 122 millimeters

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